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 Rick Springfield ~ Karma


Springfield has produced, written and performed an excellent piece of work that will surely be welcomed by the industry.Great songs, good playing and a solid production .
Springfield's 1999 release is an excellent one! With this disc, he explores a more spiritual side of life. Rick's spirituality throbs with passion & joy. The title track has some searing electric lead & pops with great energy, "As the smallest stream runs to a river & every river runs to the sea, so every little bit of love I give to another...comes back to me." "Prayer" has an original melody & driving beat & the delightful chorus, "Now I send the prayer to heaven for the chance to be a better man than the man I see. I send the prayer to heaven, lay your hands on me." My favorite track is "Act of Faith" that starts with an eerie chorus and builds as Springfield explores emotions of adjusting to the loss of a loved one. It is tremendously emotional and powerful Love is a healer." The other tracks are also excellent Springfield vehicles like the excellent "The White Room" with its catchy melody and an edge in the lyric, "In her head is the same obsession & all the bottles & pills won't heal her heart; She heard his last confession & every word just tears her apart." "In Veronica's Head" makes me hit the repeat button. "Karma" is an excellent set; one well worth discovering."Karma" is latest effort from Mr. Springfield after a 10 year absence from the recording studio as we know it. In that 10 years,"life" has happened to Rick and it runs like a thread through the tracks on this CD. Everything is touched on here, from religion to death to marriage to incest. Don't be fooled into thinking RS has gone Nirvana on us. There are some honest to goodness love songs here, with the very moving "Free" and "Shock to my System", which every guy sould play when sipping wine with his gal in front of the fireplace. Springfield has not forgotten that rock brought him to the dance as is shown on the more guitar oriented "Prayer", It's Always Something" and the title song, "Karma". In my opinion, It's as good or better than anything on the radio today.Rick Springfield has made some top-notch music over the course of his long career,and 'KARMA' is no exception.The songwriting and production are superb.If you are a fan of good solid pop/rock music,then I invite you to have a listen.


01. His Last Words
02. It's Always Something
03. Religion Of The Heart
04. Beautiful Prize
05. Karma
06. Shock To My System
07. Free
08. Prayer
09. The White Room
10. In Veronica's Head
11. Ordinary Girl
12. Act Of Faith



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by Smith
on 5/16/2020
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