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L'Oreal Ideal Skin Genesis Complexion Equalizer Day/Night Cream

 Daily treatment. Tone corrector + superior clarity.

Skin perfecting complex with vitamin C + tourmaline gem.

Formula Essentials: lightweight, non-greasy; dermatologist tested.

Why is Skin Genesis Complexion Equalizer right for me?

Around the age of 30, skin's cellular renewal process begins to slow accentuating the uneven colors of skin tone and excess pigmentation.

 Skin loses its natural evenness, clarity and brightness.

The Innovation: L'Oreal Laboratories introduces a unique skin perfecting complex with a 48-hour time release vitamin C and precious tourmaline gem to recapture your skin's clarity by equalizing the uneven colors of skin tone.

Now, reveal your ideal skin in 4 weeks - for more even skin tone and luminous clarity.

 Intensive Action: Skin Tone Equalizing Action: With 48-hour time release vitamin C, to help accelerate natural cell renewal to fade uneven tones, dullness and excess colors revealing a more even complexion; With precious tourmaline gem, to recapture skin's clarity.

 Smoothing Action: Smoother skin surfaces free of dry patches for fresh luminosity and even light reflection. See Visible Results: Instantly - more luminous skin; 2 weeks - restored skin clarity; 4 weeks - brighter, more even complexion.


L'Oreal's latest innovation, Ideal Skin Genesis Complexion Equalizer Daily Treatment recaptures your skin's clarity.
With 48-hour time release Vitamin C and precious Tourmaline gem, this new moisturizing cream fades uneven tone and dullness, revealing a more radiant complexion.
Instantly: More luminous skin
In 2 weeks: Restored skin clarity


In 4 weeks: Brighter, more even complexion









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